The cycles of the seasons and the rhythms of the sun dancing through days, months and years fill me with awe and inspiration. The gentle whisper of dawn envelops me within its subtlest suggestion of the infinite realm of human experience. The space of deepest silence when day changes into night draws me into an experience of oneness that transcends words. These timeless experiences of consciousness continue to powerfully beckon as I am reminded of my reason for living on this planet. The process of my work reflects the passages of life, seeking not an understanding of time, but rather an experience of the sacred presence within it.
The radiance of the sun as the essence of creation becomes a direct experience within the work. The sun reveals the truth of human nature – that what we seek dwells quietly within the core of our beings. The exquisite form of a newborn baby embodies this teaching with the sweetness of absolute trust. The sublime perfection of a young woman’s body with all its sensuality and mystery suggests hope, creation, and the vastness of human potential. May my work be a boat that carries me safely down the relentless river of time across the ocean of worldliness.