Seasons, two sculptures by artist Martha Madigan, will be permanently installed in the Rittenhouse Square lobby of 1845 Walnut Street on September 2, 2009.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (August 31, 2009)  Jeffrey Fuller Fine Art, Ltd. announces the installation of Seasons, a pair of 8 foot high seven-sided translucent columns of light with photographic imagery depicting the four seasons in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia.  These works of art have been created by Martha Madigan, an internationally known artist who is the chairperson of the photography programs at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art.

Seasons was commissioned by 1845 Walnut Street Associates in conjunction with the renovation of the Rittenhouse Square lobby.  William Frankel of Frankel Enterprises, spokesperson for 1845 Walnut Street Associates, stated “We wanted a signature work of art that would create a strong presence and a finished look in our newly renovated lobby.”

Seasons is the second work of art by Madigan in Philadelphia that incorporates photographic imagery in sculpture.  Madigan’s first work of this kind is Elements, the 28 foot high 1996 sculpture that cascades from the 68 foot high ceiling of the west atrium of the Wachovia Center.  The significant difference between these two works of art is that Elements fulfilled the then CoreStates Center’s 1% for the Arts requirement, whereas Seasons was commissioned by the building’s owners out of a true love and appreciation of art.  At a time when the Arts across the nation are experiencing cutbacks and decreased funding, it is a bright beacon of light and hope to have a significant art commission that will have a place of prominence in Center City Philadelphia.

During the past twenty months, Madigan has photographed Rittenhouse Square from the vantage point of a penthouse apartment overlooking the Square, documenting the changing seasons.  These photographs are interwoven with botanical specimens growing in the Square, creating a kaleidoscopic interplay between nature and culture.

The two illuminated columns, Seasons, are housed in a custom stainless steel base and cap and will have a dramatic presence on Rittenhouse Square.